How to avoid fluid retention?

How to avoid fluid retention?
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That feeling of swelling, of having to walk with more weight on your body… Yes, you know what we are talking about. Fluid retention or oedema is an excessive accumulation of fluids in the tissues. You have probably experienced it at some point, so today in mentta we tell you everything you need to avoid it with the best foods for fluid retention.


fluid retention


It is easy to detect as the symptoms are very recognisable. So it is common to experience a sudden weight gain, swollen ankles and legs, reduced urination, a feeling of heaviness, less flexibility in the ankles or wrists or a localised increase in the abdominal area. All these symptoms are clear signs of oedema, but how can all this be explained?

Well, let’s say that every time we drink any liquid, it is filtered through the circulatory and lymphatic system. These systems are spread throughout the body and are responsible for draining fluid from the tissues and redirecting it back into the bloodstream. Fluid retention occurs when these fluids are not drained, and end up accumulating in the tissues.

What causes this process? It usually happens for different reasons. It is more common in adults and older people, but it can occur in younger people. It is usually present during the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or menstrual cycles; or if you stand or sit for too many hours, the body retains more fluids. Also in summer, the season of the year when our body’s ability to eliminate fluids decreases. Despite these reasons, oedema can indicate the presence of a serious condition or a heart, kidney, lung or liver disease, so it is always best to see a doctor to identify the cause.

7 foods the best foods for fluid retention

Once the problem has been identified, the best thing to do is to solve it or avoid it. Sodium, for example, is the main cause of oedema, so it is best to avoid consuming too much of it. It is also advisable to evacuate excess fluid by sweating or urinating. One way or another, the important thing is health, so here are five recommended foods to avoid oedema.


  • Onion:

    To remedy retention, it is necessary to expel liquids, so diuretic foods become the best ally, especially onions. It is also an essential food in the diet, here we tell you about the benefits of onion and why it is essential.

fluid retention


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  • Papaya:

    Who would have thought that one of the most famous tropical fruits would be so good at contributing to the cause. This food is anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous, so it interferes with the retention process.


fluid retention


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  • Pineapple:

    This fruit is a mixture of the first two foods, as it contains both anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties, and at the same time it is a very diuretic food with 85 % water.

fluid retention


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  • Aubergine:

    Unlike the previous ones, aubergine does not have any specific anti-retention properties, but it has very low calorie intake and very low sodium levels. It is also one of the most satiating foods you can find in the supermarket.

fluid retention


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  • Cabbage:

    This vegetable stands out for its high fibre, potassium and water content. Its use against retention is very effective as it contributes to the expulsion of liquid and toxins, as well as being a low-calorie food that is ideal for diets.

fluid retention

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  • Cucumber:

    Most of the cucumber’s composition is made up of water, vitamins and minerals. This is what makes it one of the foods with the greatest draining capacity, which is why it is necessary for it to be present in dishes. In this post we tell you about its properties and how to include it in your diet.

fluid retention

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  • Wild asparagus:

    Asparagus not only contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, but also a high percentage of potassium. This component contributes to the expulsion of liquids and stimulates the activity of the kidneys, which is why this food is also characterised as a good draining agent. Not only that, but it is also one of the foods recommended to combat anxiety.

fluid retention


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  • Unsalted pistachios:

    This nut, like pumpkin seeds, helps us to avoid fluid retention thanks to its high percentage of potassium in its composition (per 100g it has 811mg). It is important that pistachios are salt-free (as this compound is the one to avoid). They are also rich in vitamin A, which benefits our immune system.

Fluid retention

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