Properties of EVOO? All about liquid gold

Properties of EVOO? All about liquid gold
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Extra virgin olive oil, also known as liquid gold, is one of the most prized ingredients in our cuisine. It used to be called extra virgin olive oil, but recently the acronym EVOO has been used to refer to this product. Why? Because of the simple fact of highlighting this type of oil, as it is a superior quality of olive both for its natural juice, vitamins and benefits. Today in mentta we tell you about the properties of EVOO and some interesting facts about this cooking essential.

EVOO is the acronym for high-quality olive oil that meets certain strict requirements. EU is the main producer, promoter and consumer of olive oil: it produces 67% of the world’s olive oil. Therefore, in order to be able to say that our product is of quality, it is necessary to comply with the requirements set out in the European regulations on olive oil. Three of the basic requirements are:

  • EVOO is always obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means.
  • Its free fatty acids must be less than 0.8%. In general, a quality extra virgin olive oil does not usually have a percentage higher than 0.3%.
  • In turn, it is subjected to a tasting panel of virgin olive oils in which, following a tasting sheet, both the positive and negative attributes of the liquid are detected. This test is a much more demanding classification of EVOO, which is why those that undergo this procedure are oils of superior quality.

What is coupage olive oil and what is single-varietal olive oil? Before going into the nutritional properties, it is necessary to be a great connoisseur of the world of liquid gold. In previous mentta posts we explained the different types of olive oil depending on the variety of olive. Come in and find out more first!

History of EVOO

Well, now that you know a little about the varieties of olive oil, it’s time to move on to the historical context. Patience, the nutritional properties will come in no time, but first let’s dive into the history of this product.

Let’s say that extra virgin olive oil is present in almost every kitchen, not only for its properties but also for its multiple functionalities and versatility. The truth is that it has accompanied the history of humanity as food, lighting, cosmetics, medicine and many other uses. The oldest fossilised remains of olive trees were found in the Palaeolithic period, specifically in Africa.

In the year 2000 BC in Egypt, the goddess Isis was in charge of teaching people how to cultivate olive trees. In fact, during this period EVOO was used for cosmetic purposes and is depicted in numerous paintings. Olive tree production took place in Greece, it was used as food and as a ritual, and it was not until the 7th century BC that the Greeks spread this product to Italy. After a long time, and accompanied by the need for fats for medicinal practices, olive oil arrived in Spain as a remedy. It is true that during the Middle Ages the uses of this product were destined more for the liturgy, the oil consecrated on Holy Thursday was distributed in the churches and it had to last for a year.

These customs did not last long, because with the arrival of the plague in the 14th century, with the contagions and the changes in the agricultural sector, the cultivation of the olive tree spread due to its great vegetative strength, which made it a good investment. Since then and up to the present day, olive cultivation has spread to all types of land. Its consumption has not stopped increasing and only seven countries concentrate 90% of the world production of the product: Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and Portugal. However, it is worth noting that production in the USA and Australia is on the rise.

As you can see, there are many facets to liquid gold. Illumination, medicine, religious rituals, food, cosmetics… Today oil is present in numerous products, but it is the undisputed protagonist of our meals. It is rich but also very beneficial and that is what makes it a star product, but… What are the properties of EVOO?


Properties of EVOO

Properties of EVOO

  • It is very effective against constipation and helps digestion: This product stands out for its diuretic qualities, so that its consumption means a better functioning of the digestive system. In addition, the oil reduces the sensation of acidity and secretion, thus protecting us from gastrointestinal diseases. It is also theorised that helps to lose weight as it promotes the functioning of the liver (in charge of releasing toxins), which helps to combat excess weight. But everything in excess is bad, so it is necessary to take the right amounts so that the oil is not harmful to health.


  • It has anti-carcinogenic properties: A study carried out by the WHO confirms this theory, because in medical tests carried out against breast cancer, antioxidants such as hydroxytyrosol have been included in the oil.


  • It has benefits for the skin, cuticle and hair: The skin is constantly exposed to external environmental factors, and consumption of the oil helps to protect it. Antioxidant agents such as vitamin E (known as the vitamin of youth) contribute to slowing down ageing. In addition, the regenerative effects of the oil are also reflected in the hair and cuticles.


  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases: It prevents the onset of cardiovascular diseases, thanks to its high content of fatty acids and antioxidants, which regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and protect the body from diseases such as arteriosclerosis. In addition, blood circulation improves significantly with the consumption of oil, as it reduces bad cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.


  • Strengthens bones: One of the important components of extra virgin olive oil is oleouropein, which is responsible for reducing blood glucose levels. The benefits? It prevents type 2 diabetes and avoids the loss of bone density. This is why EVOO is said to be a good companion for our bones and for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.


  • It strengthens our immune system: The antioxidant properties of EVOO and the quantity of essential nutrients allow us to keep our immune system active and at the same time protect it from bacteria, viruses and autoimmune diseases.


So that’s it for today’s post. We hope you have been well informed from this reading, now go to mentta and visit the shops. Picual EVOO, premium EVOO, organic EVOO, spicy EVOO, white truffle EVOO… All this and much more in our Marketplace. Don’t miss it!

Properties of EVOO

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