The properties of tomatoes that taste like tomatoes

The properties of tomatoes that taste like tomatoes
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Do you want to know where to find tomatoes that taste like tomatoes? At mentta we know where and we tell you about it in this post as well as discovering all the properties of tomatoes. Read on to find out more.

mentta’s history

Maybe you already know, but at mentta we have a special fixation for tomatoes. You may have already read it in one of our posts, but the idea of creating this marketplace came from the eagerness of Luis Miguel, CEO of mentta, to find tomatoes that tasted like tomatoes. Luismi, as the ecommerce team knows him, was fed up with not finding tomatoes in the supermarket that tasted good, that didn’t taste prefabricated and that had the quality that a tomato is supposed to have.

Luismi thought that the problem of the loss of quality of the food we find in the supermarket had to do with the large number of intermediaries involved in the production process until the tomatoes, or any other food, reached the final consumer. That is why he decided to create mentta, a marketplace for fresh and artisan products that brings them directly from the producer to your door, without any more intermediaries or complications.


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Their properties

Now that you know the history of mentta, we are going to talk about the properties of tomatoes, but only about those that are good enough for Luismi to approve them.

The tomato is a fruit that originated in America. When it arrived in Europe, it took some time before it started to be used as food for consumption, as before it was only used as an ornamental plant. Today there are more than 20,000 varieties of tomatoes with different flavours and aromas. However, all of them have surprising health properties and that is why important institutions such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend their consumption. Among them we find:

  • Improves vision: tomatoes protect eyesight due to their high Vitamin A content. It protects our eyes against eye diseases, degenerative diseases and even blindness.
  • It activates the circulatory system: tomatoes are a food with a high iron content. It is a perfect complement for people suffering from problems such as anaemia. It improves the blood circulation system and also controls blood clotting thanks to the Vitamin K it contains. For all these reasons, tomatoes are said to be a good ally to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is an antioxidant: this means that it prevents ageing due to its high Vitamin E and carotene content. As we have already seen with eyesight, it prevents our eyes from getting older and suffering from diseases. However, it also acts on other parts of our body such as the skin, making it firm and smooth, thus delaying ageing. Its antioxidant properties also have a positive effect on hair, nails and teeth.
  • Improves intestinal transit: it is a food with a high fibre content, so it prevents constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases and ailments.
  • It is diuretic: it helps eliminate toxins and prevents fluid retention thanks to its high potassium levels and low sodium content.



Now that you know the properties of tomatoes, you won’t be able to resist including this delicious food in your diet. Moreover, tomatoes are a very versatile fruit (yes, they are a fruit). You can eat them raw in your salads, crush them for gazpacho or cold soups, make juices, grate them for your toast… But you can also cook them in different ways: stewed, fried or steamed. If you would like us to tell you about any tomato recipes in future posts, let us know in the comments.

Don’t forget that you can find tomatoes that taste like tomatoes at mentta, our marketplace for fresh and artisan products. We will deliver the products directly from the garden to your home in just 24/48 hours.

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