The types of wines you need to know to be an expert wine taster (II)

The types of wines you need to know to be an expert wine taster (II)
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In the previous post we told you that to be an expert wine taster you need to know all the existing types and varieties. In today’s post we complete this list of wines so that you have the necessary notions and know where to buy quality wine online at the best price.


This is a red grape variety that has its origin in Cariñera, Aragón. It is also known as Cariñera and Samsó. Its cluster is large, compact, and its grape is also large, elliptical in shape and bluish-black in colour. It ripens late and is characterised by its intense colour and sugar concentration. It also stands out for its ageing capacity and its high acidity.



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It is a red grape wine very common in the northwest of Spain, specifically in El Bierzo, León, and the southeast of Galicia (Lugo and Ourense). It has small clusters and medium-sized, bluish-black berries. Its medium ripening gives rise to young wines, although they also age moderately. The wines acquire a purple or cherry red colour and an aroma of fruits of the forest with certain mineral touches. They are smooth wines.


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It is a French red wine which comes from Bordeaux. Its cluster is medium-sized, its berry is small, elliptical and bluish-black in colour. Early ripening, it gives rise to aromas of wild black fruit, with hints of menthol and even honey. They are also smooth on the palate.

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A Spanish red variety which comes from Sagunto. With a small, compact cluster and small, bluish-black grapes, it produces wines with an intense purple-red or cherry-red colour. They are very robust, alcoholic wines with a fruity aroma. This grape variety also produces rosé wines with a fruity aroma.


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Pinot Noir

As can be deduced from its name, this is a wine of French origin, a protagonist in the production of the great wines of Burgundy. Its cluster is small and compact, and its grapes are also small, circular and bluish-black in colour. These wines need cold climates to obtain elegant, intense and lively aromas.


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Prieto Picudo

It is a red grape variety originating in the Duero Valley. Its cluster is small and its grape, bluish black, is also small. It is not very resistant to drought and needs cool soils and mild climates. It produces alcoholic, cherry-coloured wines with violet tones. It has an aroma of fruits of the forest, black pepper and a somewhat high acidity. It is usually used in blends with Mencía.


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It is also a red grape whose origin is unknown, although it is believed that it comes from the Persians, who planted it in the centre and south of France. Its cluster is medium-sized and its grape is circular and black in colour. Early ripening, it produces alcoholic, coloured wines with fine aromas of wild berries, ripe fruit and violets.


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Just as Grenache is the white wine variety par excellence in Spain, Tempranillo is the red wine variety par excellence, due to its great extension. It could be said that it is the queen of Spanish red varieties. Its origin is in La Rioja and Aragón, although it is found in many other areas of the peninsula. Its cluster is large, compact, and its grape is circular and bluish-black in colour. With an early ripening, it produces both young and aged wines. The former have an intense purple-red colour and a fruity aroma. They are smooth and juicy. The aged wines are aged in oak barrels and give rise to spicy, toasted, dry leaves and even leather aromas.


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We return to the white grape varieties. In this case, the origin is Mediterranean, specifically from the island of Madeira, although it is a type of wine cultivated in all the wine-growing regions of the world. They are usually medium-sized clusters, elliptical grapes and yellowish-green in colour. Early ripening, it gives rise to alcoholic wines, of a golden yellow colour and very aromatic with a slight bitterness. It is undoubtedly one of the most personal wines.


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It is also a white grape variety, whose cluster is large. The grapes it produces are large, circular and yellowish green in colour. They ripen late. These grapes are usually used for domestic consumption. In oenology, they are used to produce sweet wines with a colour ranging from straw yellow to dark amber. Their aromas are fruity and floral.


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Pedro Ximénez

It is a white grape wine which produces musts with high sugar content and low acidity. With large clusters and yellowish green grapes, it produces dense, fruity wines, with hints of sultanas, coffee, figs and dried dates. Also notes of chocolate and aromatic wood.


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With all the information received in this post and in the previous one, which you can consult by clicking here, you can now be an expert wine taster. If you want to surprise at a meal with friends or at your Christmas dinners, you can easily buy all these varieties of wine online at mentta, the Marketplace where you will find all the products you can imagine.

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