The types of wines you need to know to be an expert wine taster

The types of wines you need to know to be an expert wine taster
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To be an expert wine taster, you need to know all the different types and varieties of wine. Spain has some of the best wines in the world. If you want to surprise at a dinner party with a quality wine, get to know all the types of wine that we suggest in this post.


This wine comes from a white grape variety native to Galicia. Its cluster is small, like its berry, which has a circular shape and is yellowish green in colour. It has a medium ripening period and produces wines of a colour that varies between greenish yellow and golden yellow. Its aroma is quite intense, with fruity, floral and even marine nuances. They are wines with a good structure, with a fresh fixed acidity and smooth on the palate.


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It comes from a white grape variety with a small cluster. The grape is also very small, circular and yellowish green in colour. It ripens very early and produces very powerful wines, with fruity flavours that remind us above all of exotic fruits. Its colour is intense yellow although it has greenish reflections. It is an optimal wine for ageing and barrel fermentation due to its dry extract, acidity and resistance to oxidation.


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This is a white grape wine from Galicia. Its cluster is small and its berry is medium-sized, elliptical in shape and yellowish-green in colour. It ripens very early and gives rise to wines with a straw colour and a very fine and suggestive aroma. When tasting it, fresh fruit sensations come to mind, generally apple, and some notes of exotic fruits.


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Palomino fino

It is also a white grape variety. Its cluster is medium to large and its berry is flattened and yellowish-green in colour. With a medium ripening, it adapts very well to the climatic conditions in the south of Spain: dry soils and very exposed to the sun. The wines it produces are fresh and neutral when young. However, when the wine ages in barrels or undergoes the ageing process known as “under the veil of flower”, the aroma is more intense. It has a wide range of colours, from greenish straw, reminiscent of chamomile, to golden and amber, reminiscent of honey. Also in its aromas we find a wide variety: from floral and fruity sensations to aromatic woods, smoky tobaccos and saline or almondy touches.


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It is a white grape wine of Castilian origin that has a small cluster and a medium-sized yellowish-green colour. It ripens early and the aromas it produces have herbaceous nuances (many remind us of mint or fennel) with some fruity touches (apple and pineapple).


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Viura/ Macabeo

This is one of the most widely cultivated white grape variety wines in Spain. Its clusters are compact and large, its berries are round, large, golden and thin-skinned. With a late ripening, we will obtain yellowish wines with some green touches and fruity aromas, with balanced acidity levels and slightly bitter.

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Xarel lo

Another white variety also known as Pansá blanca. It is a cava. Its cluster is compact and medium-sized. Its berry is also medium-sized, thick-skinned and yellowish-green in colour. It is medium ripening and produces very acidic musts with a significant sugar content.


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Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a red grape wine originating from the French Médoc, although it is a variety that can be found on all continents. It has small clusters and small berries. It is circular in shape and bluish black in colour. Late ripening, it produces wines with a strong character, consistency and colour. Its aromas are reminiscent of red and black fruits, such as blueberries and blackberries, and minerals and plants such as rosemary and thyme.



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White Grenache

This is the Spanish grape par excellence, very typical of the north-east and the Ebro valley. Its vine is very fertile and adapts to difficult terrain, as it is resistant to drought. The bunches are small and the berries are medium-sized, elliptical in shape and yellowish green in colour. With a medium ripening time, it produces white wines with yellowish touches, ripe fruit aromas and somewhat alcoholic.

Red Grenache

Also of Spanish origin, specifically from Aragon. It is a versatile plant, which adapts to all types of soils and withstands adverse conditions such as drought. Its cluster is small and its fruits are medium sized, spherical and of a very dark purplish red colour. Medium ripening, it produces very robust, energetic and aromatic fruity red wines. It also produces rosé wines, fruity and very fresh on the palate.



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A red grape variety typical of arid and warm climates. With a large cluster, its berry is small, spherical and bluish-black in colour. It is a difficult variety to grow, as it needs clayey, calcareous and cool soils, although it is very resistant to diseases. It produces a fresh, bright red must with a bitter liquorice aroma. A perfect variety for long ageing wines that has a great potential for ageing thanks to its acidity.



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These are some of the most typical and special types of wines that we can find in our country. Remember that at mentta, the Marketplace of fresh and artisan products, you can get all these types of wines with the best quality-price ratio. We deliver them to your home, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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