What are the most protein-rich foods?

What are the most protein-rich foods?
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The intake of protein foods is essential in our daily lives, as proteins provide a series of essential functions for the correct functioning of our organism. In today’s post we will show you a list of seven protein foods, but the first thing is to understand what proteins are and why they are necessary in our diet.

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What are proteins?

Proteins are molecules that carry out important functions in our bodies. They are made up of amino acids that are linked together to form chains. What differentiates one protein from another is the sequence of amino acids that make up the chain. Given that there are 20 different types of amino acids, there are numerous combinations that determine the structure and function of each protein. These molecules are responsible for the structure, function and regulation of tissues and organs, as well as creating antibodies or fighting infections that attack our health, or transporting substances in the body such as iron and oxygen.

7 most protein-rich foods:

-Soya: this food is one of the new favourites due to its high content of vegetable amino acids, as well as its nutritional value. This food of vegetable origin has nothing to envy to those of animal origin, as its high protein content improves digestion, reduces cholesterol and contributes to the formation of muscle mass. Soya has almost 37g of protein per 100g of product.

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-Beef: Beef is characterised by its great properties. One of its characteristics is the quantity of amino acids that it contains and that the organism is not able to synthesise, so they are only obtained through food. It contains 22g of protein per 100g of product.


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-Chicken meat: chicken meat is among the highest protein meats, as well as being ideal for a healthy diet due to its low cholesterol levels. In fact, the intake of this food increases among sportsmen and women. The protein value of this food is 27g per 100g of product.


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-Prawns: this crustacean is a good option to add to our diet, not only because of the amount of vitamins and minerals it provides, but also because of its high protein levels, reaching 24g per 100g.

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-Fresh tuna: the two main properties of tuna are: fats and proteins. This food is healthy both for its large amount of proteins of high biological value and for its content of healthy fats that contribute to the reduction of cholesterol. It contains 20g of protein per 100g of product.

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-Cottage cheese: What makes cottage cheese appealing, apart from its delicious taste, is its high protein and low fat content. Because it comes from curdled whey, the protein content of cottage cheese can be up to three times higher than that of milk. In short, cottage cheese contributes to the development of muscle mass (due to its protein) and to following a healthy, low-calorie diet (due to its low fat content). It contains 11g per 100g of product.

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-Eggs: Eggs are a very popular food among athletes. The yolk is the part with the most nutrients, while the white is the part with the most protein. Albumin is the most important protein in the egg white, and the most abundant in the blood and in humans. It contains 13g per 100g of product.

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