What are the properties of oats?

What are the properties of oats?
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The beneficial properties of oats have meant that this cereal is no longer in the background. Until not so long ago, wheat was the cereal par excellence, but thanks to the numerous benefits it provides, oats are now one of the most widely consumed cereals. Today it is a very popular food among vegetarians or people seeking a balanced diet, so in this post we will discuss the properties of oats and ways to consume them.

Properties of oats

-Essential amino acids: oats have six of the eight essential amino acids, which are necessary to stimulate the liver and thus purify the heaviest compounds in the body.

-It regulates sugar levels: as a cereal rich in soluble fibre, it helps to regulate the absorption of sugar levels in the blood. Therefore, oats are a good choice for people with diabetes.

-It is rich in fibre: its high fibre content helps our digestive system and intestinal transit, and as a result prevents constipation. In fact, oat consumption has increased among people suffering from digestive ulcers, as it helps to soothe the symptoms.

-Carbohydrates: Oats contain slowly absorbed carbohydrates, which means they produce a prolonged satiety effect. This helps people who incorporate oats into their diet in order to lose weight.

-Protein intake: the high protein levels of oats make them the highest protein cereal with 13.18%, which is why oats are considered to be higher in protein than wheat cereal.

-Reduces cholesterol: beta-glucan, lecithin or phytosterols are substances contained in oats that help to regulate cholesterol and at the same time stimulate the thyroid glands.

-Balances the nervous system: its high content of vitamin B1, calcium and alkaloids are involved in the maintenance of the central nervous system; therefore, they help to prevent mental exhaustion as well as favouring the ability to relax.


How to eat oats?

This cereal is a very versatile food and, thanks to its versatility, we can include it in our diet in many different ways. On our website you can find numerous products with this food, but here are a few ideas for eating oats:


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