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The best specialty coffee in Costa Rica


Awake and dreaming. 10 capsules

Awake and dreaming. 10 capsules

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At Fudi & Co we declare ourselves inveterate foodies, always looking for special and authentic flavors.

We believe that the experience of enjoying a great coffee also entails a responsibility that starts from each seed planted to the water used for its preparation.

At Fudi & Co our commitment is to commercialize the best coffees in Costa Rica made in optimal conditions, both to preserve the quality of the product, and to guarantee the dignity of the people involved in any of its production processes. elaboration.

Coffee is our passion, what inspires and motivates us every day. We consider it an essential art and ritual to enjoy the beautiful things in life; we are Fudi & Co. Welcome to the clan.

All our capsules are 100% compostable in a maximum period of 90 days and, therefore, serve as organic fertilizer (compost).

Just because a container is biodegradable does not necessarily mean that it is also compostable. The difference is that times are shortened: in order to be considered compostable, a material must biodegrade at the same time as the rest of the organic matter.