Sweet mandarin (kg)

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From the orchard of Orihuela, Alicante.

This delicious citrus fruit is usually eaten fresh (as table fruit or juice)

This delicious citrus fruit is usually eaten fresh (as table fruit or in juice) but in the kitchen it has infinite uses: in confectionery (jams, cakes, creams, sorbets...), in sweet and sour sauces, in salads or to give a different touch to fish and seafood

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Nutritional value and benefits

This orange fruit contains little sugars and its main component is water. It is appreciable its amount of fiber and its consumption is indicated to promote intestinal transit.

From its vitamin content highlights the C, in smaller quantities than the orange, folic acid and provitamin A. It is one of the fruits with more carotenoids that together with vitamin C provide the food with important antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants combat the harmful action of free radicals, substances responsible for the development of cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases and cancer.

The tangerine is also ideal for athletes for its potassium content and other nutrients, making it a good alternative to replenish minerals and fluid lost after physical activity, minimizing the risk of injury

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