Witch Belle Witch Liqueur Cream

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Mouth: Su sabor es agradable, untuosa y persistente.

Nose: Notas de cacao, café y caramelo

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Crema de Licor Bruja Bella

Grupo Caballero is a family business that has more than 180 years in the market, has great prestige and national and international recognition, maintains the same philosophy as in its beginnings, deliver the best quality to its customers.

The brand is inspired by the legend that tells that in the past, there was a witch who made men fall in love with her beauty. She elaborated a liqueur that made men fall in love at her feet. This witch was known by the name of Bruja Bella.

Crema de Licor Bruja Bella is made with the best Galician orujo, is exquisite, easy to take as it is soft and light.

Crema de Licor Bruja Bella contains great aromatic intensity as it contains notes of cocoa, coffee and caramel that bewitches the palate of those who try it.

In the mouth it is persistent, leaves a pleasant taste on the palate.

Disfrátala well chilled with ice, you can add coffee beansé.

If you have any questions when it comes to purchaser Crema de Licor Bruja Bellapóngase contact the sommelier of our online wine shop and advise you without compromise.

Botella 70cl.
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