Advantages of using mentta

See all the advantages we have in mentta , take advantage of them and tell your friends about them.

Why buy with mentta?

- You save the time of going to the store in question, and going through aisles or shelves in search of the desired product.

- You avoid carrying weight both inside the store and even at home. You only have to sit comfortably on your sofa, and with a click, the products directly to your countertop, you will only have to get up to open the door :). Your future "me" will thank you.

- You have products within reach that otherwise would not have easy access. As you know, we have suppliers and specialized stores throughout Spain, and we deliver even to the most remote corner of the peninsula. Therefore, thanks to mentta you can enjoy the flavor of your holidays by asking us for fresh seafood from Huelva and transport yourself to that moment at the beach bar, discover the best Manchego cheeses, wines with D.O. from many European countries or even American desserts.

- You can use mentta to make gifts. As you choose the delivery address, you can mark something with family, friends or clients and send them one of our gourmet baskets or packs, kit organic products or a magnificent bottle of wine. From what many of you have already told us, they love the surprise!

- The freshest products, directly from the producer, without intermediaries. Freshly collected, caught and caught from the fish market, or simply prepared for you by the seller of the store you have chosen. Without cold rooms, preservatives or intermediaries, maximum quality and products with authentic flavor. Once you try them, it won't work for you again.

- We distribute throughout Spain. We are aware that we have magnificent competitors who provide a service similar to ours, what differentiates us from them, in addition to being more handsome, is that we operate in everything the country. We are the only ones who come to any town and corner to bring you your most gourmet, fresh or original products.

- Possibility of buying from any device. As we know that everyone has their preferences, we have developed both a magnificent website and an impeccable Mobile App (both for IOS and Android) so that you can enter mentta in the way you prefer.

- Ease of contacting us. By land, sea and air, WhatsApp, web chat, telephone, messages, through the application, by email, coming to see us or with carrier pigeons . Customer service (just like the purchase) can be as you want. As long as it reaches us, you will have your answer quickly and above all, very very kind because we are charming.

Tell a friend and win € 5 for each one!

Earn credit for your purchases when your friends use mentta. It's that simple:

- Get mentta downloaded.

- During registration you will have to click on "Has a friend told you or do you have a discount?" and write your email (with which you are registered in mentta).

- That's it. They can use the discount we have added and you can enjoy it when they buy the first time !.

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