Do you know the best wines of Spain?

Do you know the best wines of Spain?
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The wine culture has spread all over the world so much that Spain has gained ground in this market, for its wide variety of wines, as well as for its excellent quality and effectiveness in production. In this mentta article we show you the best-known Spanish wines, both the names and the designations of origin, so take note and enjoy the good Spanish wine!

History of Spanish wines

During pre-Roman and Roman times, the Phoenicians and Greeks introduced the vine to the Iberian Peninsula. However, it was during the Roman period (3rd century B.C. to 5th century A.D.) when viticulture expanded significantly. The Romans improved wine growing and production techniques, and many of the grape varieties grown in Spain today have their roots in this period. In the Middle Ages and Islamic rule Spain was under Islamic rule in many areas. Despite Islamic restrictions on alcohol consumption, wine production continued in some regions. In addition, Christian monasteries maintained the winemaking tradition and contributed to the development of the industry.


The arrival of the Reconquest and the expansion of the Christian territories allowed for a resurgence of viticulture. During this period, vineyards were established in regions such as Rioja, Jerez and Ribera del Duero. Sherry wines began to gain international renown. It was in the 18th century that our country became one of the main exporters of wine to America and other parts of the world. In the 19th century the phylloxera plague, an insect that attacks the roots of vines, seriously affected vineyards in Spain, as it did in other parts of the world. This led to the destruction of numerous vineyards and the need to replant with resistant varieties.

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Best wines of Spain


Spanish wines today

Throughout the 20th century, Spain experienced moments of decline and renewal in the wine industry. For much of the century, quantity was given more importance than quality, resulting in the production of low-quality bulk wines. However, from the 1970s and 1980s onwards, there was a renaissance in the production of quality wines, with a focus on traditional regions and varieties. Spain is now one of the world’s leading wine producers. Denominations of origin (DO) play a crucial role in promoting and protecting the quality and authenticity of Spanish wines. Regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Jerez, Priorat and Rías Baixas, among others, are internationally renowned for their high quality wines.


The best-known Spanish wines

As we have seen in the history of Spanish wines, our country stands out for its rich winemaking tradition, famous for its quality, taste and variety. Wine production is distributed among numerous regions of the country, each one with its own soils and characteristic properties. From all over the peninsula, some of the most outstanding designations of origin known for their excellent wines are:

  • Rioja: The Rioja region is one of the most emblematic in Spain, known for its barrel-aged red wines. Rioja wines are appreciated for their balance between fruit and wood.
  • Ribera del Duero: This region is famous for its high quality red wines, especially made with the Tempranillo grape variety. Ribera del Duero wines are renowned for their structure and complexity.
  • Priorat: Located in Catalonia, the Priorat region produces concentrated and intense red wines. Its slate soil and particular climate contribute to the uniqueness of these wines.
  • Rías Baixas: In Galicia, Rías Baixas is known for its white wines made from the Albariño grape. These wines are usually fresh, aromatic and very suitable to accompany seafood and fish.
  • Sherry: The Jerez region is famous for its fortified wines, such as dry sherry and sweet sherry. These wines are unique and are used both for direct consumption and for cooking.
  • Cava: Although not a region per se, cava is the Spanish equivalent of champagne. It is produced in several areas of Spain, mainly in Catalonia, and is known for its traditional method of production and effervescence.


More Spanish wines…

  • Somontano: Located in Aragón, this region produces a variety of red, white and rosé wines. Somontano wines are the result of a combination of tradition and modernity.
  • Toro: Located in the Castilla y León region, Toro is known for its robust, full-bodied red wines, made mostly from the Tinta de Toro grape variety, which is a variant of Tempranillo.
  • Montsant: This region in Catalonia produces red and white wines with character and personality. The red wines are especially appreciated for their balance and deep flavour.
  • Penedés: Another region of Catalonia, Penedés is known for its white and sparkling wines. In addition to cava, it produces fresh and aromatic white wines.

Spain’s wine diversity offers many options to explore and discover different styles and flavours. This is why analysing the best wines of Spain can be subjective depending on the person, however, in this list you will find the most famous wines of our country.


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Best wines of Spain


The best-selling Spanish wines

Spanish wines are excellent, and everyone has a different opinion about the best wines. However, there is a list of the best-selling Spanish wines on the market, among which we find:

  • Campo Viejo: This is a wine from the Rioja region and is known for its value for money. It offers reds as well as whites and rosés.
  • Marqués de Cáceres: Another Rioja wine that has been well accepted in the market due to its consistent quality.
  • Torres Viña Sol: This white wine from the Torres winery in the Penedés region represents one of the most popular white wines in Spain.
  • Freixenet: This brand is known for its cava, the Spanish sparkling wine. It has been a leader in the production of cava and its products are among the best sellers in their category.
  • Protos: A winery from Ribera del Duero, Protos has been successful with its high quality, modern style red wines.
  • Ramón Bilbao: Another Rioja winery, Ramón Bilbao has had a presence in the market with its well-crafted red wines.
  • Albariño de Rías Baixas: Albariño white wine from the Rías Baixas region has gained popularity for its freshness and ability to pair with seafood.
  • Faustino: Famous for its Gran Reserva and other Rioja wines, the Faustino brand is a benchmark in the region.
  • Juan Gil Monastrell: A red wine from the Jumilla region, this Monastrell has appealed to those looking for more intense and fruity wines.
  • Legaris: A red wine from Ribera del Duero, Legaris is valued for its quality and elegant style.


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