World’s best cheeses. Where do they come from?

World's best cheeses. Where do they come from?
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Cheese is a food that has won everyone over, whether for its variety of flavours or its texture and culinary versatility. What is clear is that few people in the world dislike this delicious food, but have you ever wondered where the best cheeses in the world come from? We tell you in mentta.

Regions best known for their cheeses

The quality and taste of cheese is variable and depends on where it is produced and the techniques used to make it. However, there are a few regions known worldwide for being major producers of the best cheeses in the world, not so much in volume but in quality. The cheese tradition evolves over the years, and new cheeses are added to the catalogue, but there are certain countries that will never cease to be recognised for their valuable cheeses:

  • France: This country is world-renowned for its wide variety of cheeses, many of which have Protected Designation of Origin (AOC). Brie de Meaux, Camembert de Normandie, Roquefort, Comté… are some of the best known names.
  • Italy: Another country with an abundance of quality cheeses. Italy is also world-renowned for its cheeses, which go perfectly with pasta. Some of the best known include Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Gorgonzola or Pecorino Romano.
  • Switzerland: This country is famous for its tradition of cheeses with holes. In addition to producing the well-known raclette and fondue cheeses, Switzerland has another of the best-known cheese treasures, Emmental cheese.
  • Spain: Spain also enjoys a certain prestige in cheese culture. Manchego cheese, goat’s cheese from the Murcia region, or Idiazábal cheese from the Basque Country.
  • The Netherlands: The Netherlands has a very precious treasure within its cheese-making tradition. Edam and Gouda cheese, two cheeses that can be found in all supermarkets today.

Each of these countries and regions has its own production techniques, types of milk used and cheese-making traditions that give rise to a great diversity of flavours, colours and textures. What is clear is that these assessments depend on personal taste and subjectivity, but which cheeses are most valued by consumers?


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Best cheeses in the world


The best cheeses in the world according to the consumer

In the list of the best cheeses in the world, there are many names that appear as the best-selling cheeses. The truth is that there are types of cheese that we recognise worldwide, which are renowned and are of high quality, such as the following:

Best cheeses in the world

Known as Parmesan, this long-ripened Italian cheese is one of the most famous for its umami flavour and culinary versatility. It is also the main cheese added to pasta.


Best cheeses in the world

This French cheese, produced from sheep’s milk and matured in limestone caves. It is a type of blue cheese with a strong and distinctive flavour.


Best cheeses in the world

Originally from Switzerland, Gruyère cheese is a pressed cheese with a slightly sweet and intense flavour, which makes it the best choice when planning a fondue.


Manchego cheese comes from Spain and is made from sheep’s milk. The most characteristic features of this food are its firm texture and characteristic flavour.



Cheddar cheese comes from the UK and is characterised as a pressed cheese with varying flavours, from mild to strong and aged. It is very easy to recognise this type of cheese by its orange colour.


This cheese is of French origin and is known for its creamy texture and mild, buttery flavour. Nowadays this cheese can be found in most supermarkets.


Camembert is another of the most famous cheeses in existence, with a texture and appearance very similar to Brie, the only difference being that Camembert has a more pronounced flavour.


This cheese originating from Switzerland is known for its large holes, which are formed during the fermentation process, as well as for its mild and sweet taste.


Elaborado a partir de leche de búfala, este queso fresco italiano destaca por su sabor suave, que encaja a la perfección en platos como ensaladas (como la Capresse) o en pizzas.


This cheese is very famous and popular as an ingredient in its country of origin, i.e. Greece. What makes it so tasty is its salty taste and easily crumbly texture. It is present in most Greek salads.


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Curiosities about cheese

  • Worldwide, 22,651,606 tonnes of cheese are produced every year.
  • It is estimated that there are more than 2,000 different varieties of cheese.
  • It is said that the wheel shape of cheese is due to the fact that in ancient times it was easier to transport.
  • Many years ago, according to various writings, it was necessary to use a separate house for making cheese, separate from the kitchen, for the sole purpose of making cheese and smoking it.
  • The holes we see in the cheeses are the work of bacteria that release gas during the fermentation process.
  • The country with the highest cheese consumption is Greece, with 37.4 kg per person per year, followed by France with 23.6 kg per year.
  • Pule cheese is the most expensive of all cheeses. This is because it is made from donkey milk, of which 25 litres are needed to produce 1 kg of Pule cheese.
  • According to a survey of retailers with premises in more than 43 countries, cheese is the most stolen food in the world, followed by fresh meat, alcohol, chocolate and baby food products.

If you would like to know a little more about the best cheeses in the world, don’t miss our article about the best French cheeses.


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