La viña cheesecake with 4 ingredients. Take note!

La viña cheesecake with 4 ingredients. Take note!
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La Viña Cheescake


The 30th of July is World Cheesecake Day, a delicious dessert that is a must at any meal and is always a hit. It can be made either iced or baked, or even microwaved, and today we bring you the easiest recipe to prepare a delicious La Viña cheesecake with only 4 ingredients and gluten free.

Origin of La Viña cheesecake

It is said that the origin of the cheesecake is in the Olympic Games. This dessert was used to feed the athletes in 776 BC because it was considered a very energetic food. However, the recipe we know today has changed a lot over the years. In 223 AD, the recipe was first mentioned in the literary texts of the writer Athenaeus.

This initial recipe was modified when the Romans conquered most of the Greek territories. Eggs were added and it was baked between bricks, making it more like the recipe we know today, but they called it Libuma. Eventually the expansion of the Roman Empire meant that the recipe reached the whole of Europe, undergoing variations until it reached what we know today. As a curious fact, this dessert has become so popular that other countries are crazy about imitating the recipe, so much so that in Turkey it is called Cheese cake San Sebastián.

Specifically, the story of the La Viña cheesecake began to go viral when national and international chefs imitated the original recipe for this Basque cheesecake. It was in a bar in Donosti where this delicious recipe was discovered, known as La Viña bar-restaurant. The bar offers a wide variety of pintxos and elaborate dishes on its menu, but its greatest success is the La Viña cheesecake.

It is a crustless cheesecake baked in the oven, with a caramelised top and a soft, creamy interior. It is a real delicacy that triumphs because it is so easy to imitate at home. That’s why at mentta we have brought you a recipe for a la viña tart that will be a hit with your guests.


La Viña Cheescake



Ingredients for La Viña cheesecake (gluten free)

Preparation of la viña cheesecake (gluten-free)

La Viña cheesecake is very simple to prepare, not to say that it only consists of mixing the ingredients and little else. Therefore, the first thing to do is to add the sugar to the eggs and start mixing. It is recommended not to use any type of machine and to do it manually with a whisk, for best results. Once we have the eggs and sugar mixed and with a frothy appearance, we add the cream cheese and the whipping cream. Beat together until you have a slightly thick mixture.

Finally, bake the cake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180ºC. For a better consistency of the cake, it is necessary to leave it overnight in the fridge. And that’s it, the La Viña cheesecake is ready with only four ingredients.

If you want to see how to make it step by step, click on this video of the la viña cheesecake recipe.



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