mentta: fresh products at competitive prices

mentta: fresh products at competitive prices
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Inflation is one of the great challenges facing the Spanish economy in 2023, especially in the primary sector. New business alternatives are already being sought, such as a marketplace like mentta where you will find fresh products at competitive prices. Know more about us. 


The Coordinator of Farmers’ and Stockbreeders’ Organisations has made public the report of the Index of Prices at Origin and Destination (IPOD) of agricultural and livestock foodstuffs for 2022. This document shows the difference between the prices received by those in charge of the sector for their products and the price paid by end consumers. The data collected reflect an exaggerated increase in the figures, with rises of more than 500% in the value of some products. With all this, the primary sector expresses its dissatisfaction at the amount of unsold products that they are forced to throw away, in addition to the high costs of production.

Exorbitant prices, unsustainable production costs, food waste… A complicated situation that mainly affects the primary sector and hits the Spanish population at the worst time since, according to data collected in 2021 by Aldi’s Fresh Produce Observatory, fresh produce accounts for 41% of annual food spending in Spanish households.


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Marketplace, a good option

This is where marketplaces and “short circuits” come in! A solution that reduces the intervention of intermediaries, offers quality food and reduces the difference between the price at origin and destination. Marketplaces are gradually gaining ground. Producers are fed up with high production costs, rising energy costs that affect all their machines and installations, VAT, food waste due to not selling so many products… On the other hand, consumers are also affected by the cost of energy and, above all, the high price of food.


“Producers sell directly to the consumer at the price they consider, without any further intermediary, so a large part of the profits go directly into their pocket. This is the reason why at mentta you can find fresh products at competitive prices”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Luis Miguel Gil, CEO of mentta.


Marketplaces are becoming an increasingly better option. Not only because of the factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, but also because of their quality. When intermediaries are eliminated, all the food preservation processes involved are eliminated. The Marketplace is simply an “online” intermediary, as the product comes directly from the producer. Directly from the producer to your table.  “Consumers do not find quality products, 100% natural, due to the preservation processes to which the food is subjected. Excessive refrigeration is what causes the flavour to be lost and you don’t find, for example, tomatoes that taste like tomatoes“, says the company’s CEO.


mentta, our marketplace, offers customers more than 450 sellers with more than 110,000 products in its catalogue. Artisan, organic, ecological, natural, gluten-free, detox, vegan… Fresh food fresh from the fields. The prices are very affordable considering the quality, the real taste of the food or the nutritional properties. With all this we promote local trade, trying to give more visibility to small producers who have great products but have no voice.


The online sale of fresh products is becoming more widespread in society, so the number of people who rely on platforms such as mentta  is increasing. A solution that highlights the convenience of not leaving home, the guarantee of receiving a fresh product, the proximity between producer and consumer, the competitive prices, the wide variety of food for all tastes and the satisfaction of contributing to local trade.


Visit mentta, our Marketplace


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